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A TRUE AGENT is one who provides 100% loyalty to his/her clients 100% of the time. No dual agency; no "designated agency", no "transaction brokerage;" no "Chinese walls;" no weasel clauses! - International Real Estate Directory
A Buyer's Agent is a new breed of real estate sales associate who strictly represents you, the buyer. This legal distinction is important to understand because agents for the seller conduct the majority of today's real estate transactions. A seller's agent is contractually bound to obtain the price and terms most favorable to the selling party. That naturally puts the buyer at a significant disadvantage. - Buyers Advantage Real Estate logo
Unlike traditional agents, EBAs don't work for listing brokers, so they avoid the risk of dual agency -- when one broker represents both parties. EBAs are still paid by the seller, but they can promise to represent your interests exclusively throughout the transaction and help you negotiate the lowest price. -
U.S. News and World Report logoLike it or not, the real estate agent helping you house hunt is usually working for the seller and is legally bound to try to get the seller the highest price. But buyers no longer have to fend for themselves. You can hire a buyer agent to work on your behalf. - U.S. News and World ReportU.S. News and World Report logo
Unlike the traditional agent who looks out for the seller, the buyer broker acts as your advocate, helping you find the home you want and then negotiating the lowest possible price. - Money Magazine
Representation is something buyers could and should have had all along, said Maureen F. Glasheen, a former general counsel to the New York state Department of State and now a business and legal consultant in Albany. - New York TimesMoney Magazine logo
Sure, 85 percent of sellers list their homes through an agent - but those agents are working for the seller, not you... their interest will be in getting you to pay more. - Money Magazine
“…A Buyer’s Broker is prohibited from disclosing to a Seller that the Buyer can, or will, pay more than what has been offered…  To eliminate conflict of interests, exclusive buyer agents do not take listings.  Buyer’s Brokers make a great deal of sense.” - The New York TimesMoney Magazine logo
...start by finding an agent who can represent your interests in the search. This is not as simple as it sounds. - Money Magazine
A traditional real state broker is legally bound to work for the seller ... and therefore may be more intent on selling listed homes than finding your dream house... - Business Week
"A well trained, experienced buyer broker is a great asset," says Peter Miller, author of "How to Sell your home in Any Market."
Exclusive agencies are the best. They remove any conflict of interests, which is the main reason for considering a buyer broker in the first place. - Kiplingers
Money Magazine logoYou save big bucks by hiring a buyer broker. - Money Magazine
Exclusive buyer broker -- aims to get best deal for home buyer. - Business Week
Until recently, all residential real-estate agents and brokers represented the sellers... A new breed of brokers has emerged to fend for them. - Wall Street JournalMoney Magazine logo
If it's been a while since you went house hunting or if you're new at the game, you may not have heard of buyer-brokers. A relatively new phenomenon, and still a tiny slice of the real estate business, buyer-brokers work for the owner-to-be. That's a market switch from traditional real estate agents who show you houses but whose legal duty is to the seller, who pays them a percentage of the sales price. - Money Magazine
Money Magazine logoConfide to a traditional real estate broker that you're prepared to bid as much as $150,000 on a house, and the broker will tip off the seller. Tell a buyer-broker, and the seller will never know. - MONEY - June '96
Click here to read more news and quotes about buyer representation Watch videos about the importance of getting your own agent when buying a home Click here to read testimonials and references from clients who have worked with an Excluisve Buyer's Agent Request a buyer's agent for the area in which you plan to buy a home.

“The best thing real estate buyers can do, and the first thing they should do, is to get educated about the real estate transaction and to select and hire their own real estate agent who will represent their interests as soon as they begin the home buying process, rather than ending up working with an agent who primarily represents the seller.” -Benjamin Clark 2009-2010 President of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents.

"Only by using an exclusive buyer agent can a buyer be sure all information is kept confidential. Only an exclusive buyer agent can give the buyer an objective, experienced opinion of the homes viewed to ensure the buyer gets the right home, in the right location, at the right price." - Mobility Magazine

Don't ever buy a property directly from the listing broker. Having your own agent will help you get the best price and terms. - Hume Publishing's “Successful Real Estate Investing”

Unlike the traditional agent who looks out for the seller, a buyer-broker acts as your advocate, helping you find the home you want and then negotiate the lowest possible price. [Exclusive Buyer Agents] represent only buyers, never sellers. - Money Magazine

Buyer Brokers will better represent the interests of buyers than will sub-agents. They are more likely, for example, to negotiate a lower sales price on a house. - American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

The [Exclusive Buyer] broker must get you the best deal. "In my experience, all of them do." Says Stephen Brobeck, executive director of the Consumer Federation of America.

Groups such as the Consumer Federation of America [CFA] and the American Association of Retired Persons [AARP] recommend using buyer's agents… the reason is they work. - Smart Money

“How can a buyer’s rep... maintain complete loyalty to their buyer if he or she also owes complete loyalty to the seller? Obviously, they can’t.” - National Association of REALTORS Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council (REBAC)

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In some companies the broker/owner and all the agents in that office only work with buyers. This specialization is usually referred to as "exclusive buyer agency", and their office structure is referred to as an "exclusive buyer office" ("EBO"). Colorado Exclusive Buyer Agents Association