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Q. What is a T-rep™?

A. We believe that both buyers and sellers should always insist on 100% loyalty from the professional they hire to represent them in their real estate transaction.

A T-Rep™ (also known as a True-Rep™) is an agent who agrees to abide by the Homebuyer Representation, Inc. Relocation Division T-Rep Commitment™ when accepting a referral through the relocation department. The commitment states that the agent will always remain 100% loyal to the buyer or seller who hired them, will represent the client with agency-level representation with full fiduciary duties owed to the client, will not ask the client to agree to limited or dual-agency, and will let the client unilaterally sever their relationship with the brokerage if any agency-related conflict of interest arises in the course of the client's transaction.

In order to refer you to the best available broker in our network, we need to collect some general information about what you are looking for. If an agent is available, you should hear from them shortly. If your request for an agent is for an area where we do not have an available T-Rep™, please give us up to 48 hours to get a T-Rep Commitment™ from the best agent we interview in the area in which you plan to purchase.

Find a T-Rep™ in your area by having our relocation division help you find an agent who will commit to stay loyal to you and your best interest throughout your transaction.

If you have good credit and plan to purchase a home in the next 60 days, please call us at (801) 969-8989 with any questions. To request contact from a local agent in our network, just click on “Get Your Own Agent” below.

If you need to list your current home for sale, and would like us to refer you to an agent who will commit to stay loyal to you throughout that transaction, simply call or message us and we can point you the right direction.

Answers to frequently asked questions are our opinion and should not be construed as legal advice specific to your situation.

“The best thing real estate buyers can do, and the first thing they should do, is to get educated about the real estate transaction and to select and hire their own real estate agent who will represent their interests as soon as they begin the home buying process, rather than ending up working with an agent who primarily represents the seller.” -Benjamin Clark 2009-2010 President of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents.

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