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The following quotes are from real people who
got their own agent to look out for
their best interest when they bought their home.

really was on our
 side, keeping our 
interests in mind.
and patient.
an absolute lifesaver 
in what turned out to 
be a fairly tricky real 
estate transaction.
kept our builder 
in check which 
saved us a lot of 
an invaluable 
asset in my 
gave me realistic 
comps to look at, 
and made it clear he 
didn't want me to 
overpay for the house.
a great 
in buying a 
When we finally found our
dream house, he did his
research and we were able to
negotiate on the price in a
short amount of time. He even
got the seller to pay a large
amount towards our closing
we knew that there
would be no worries
of seeing partner agent
homes or any other
conflicts of interest.
I will always
use an
buyer's agent.
totally committed
to helping the
process be
pleasant and
Our agent was absolutely
great. He was on top of things
throughout the whole process.
The communication was
always excellent.
Helped me evaluate 
the pros and cons of 
each property
worked tirelessly to find
the right property; but most
importantly he was there to
negotiate for me, the buyer.
very mild
mannered and
easy to work
to work with.
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The [Exclusive Buyer] broker must  get you the best deal. "In my experience, all of them do."  says Stephen Brobeck, executive director of the Consumer Federation of America.

"Buyer Advocacy appears to be taking off." ... "I'll never buy a house any other way." Mrs. Renee Talley, Highland Park TX - Wall Street Journal

Hire a buyer´s broker. When in the market for a home, the best defense is a strong offence. - WORTH

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